01 Jan 2021
Happy New Year from the Mason Lab! Looking forward to a productive 2021.

20 Dec 2020

Mason and Bowie (2020) is featured on the cover of the last issue of the Auk.

13 Nov 2020
Nick and collaborators publish on agriculture and stable isotopes of Horned Larks in the Imperial Valley in Journal of Ornithology.

11 Nov 2020
Subir and B10K collaborators (including many other LSUMNS members) publish 363 bird genomes in Nature.

16 Sep 2020
New review in the Auk on the ecology, evolution, and quantification of plumage patterns led by Nick.

09 Sep 2020
Welcome, Maggie! A new postdoc in our lab focusing on the evolution of migration in suboscines!

24 Aug 2020
First day of classes of the first semester for the Mason Lab at LSU.

15 Jul 2020
Welcome, Subir! A new postdoc in our lab focusing on the genomics of local adaptations in Horned Larks!

15 Jul 2020
Nick has arrived in Baton Rouge! The Mason Lab is officially underway.

15 Jul 2020
Welcome, David! The first PhD student in the Mason Lab, David is interested in the evolution of migration, biogeography, and speciation.